Car Wash at GISW

Important Note from the Preschool Library

The GISW above the clouds

New Science Resources in the Library

Preschool: World Day of the Book

May 2018: Language Treasure

Steering Committee Report

4th Grade Science Contest

World Day of the Book Report

Study Trip to Berlin

Soon it's time for take-off: Our Weather Balloon Project

Elementary School: Lost & Found

Farewell Breakfast for our Fourth Graders

Vaccinations: SEL and Grades 7, 8, 9, 10

Invitation: Informational Event for Parents of future Third-Graders

Kultursplitter: Talent Show for Grades 5-12

Recommended by our Learning Center: Blurble

FuFis on „Safari“ at the Museum

USA Science & Engineering Festival 2018

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

GISW at the Science & Engineering Festival

April 2018: Language Treasure

Elementary School: World Day of the Book 2018

Sign up for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Easter Crafts and Coffee House at the Elementary School

Preschool: World Day of the Book 2018

National School Walk-Out at GISW

Cafeteria: Trial of new recipe from one of the parents

PASCH-Alumni Meeting

Elementary School: Easter Arts & Crafts

Recess Helpers at the Elementary School

Steering Committee Meeting on February 27, 2018

2018 GISW Ski- and Snowboarding Trip

March 2018: German Language Treasure

Field trip to the Washington National Opera

Math Olympics

Pangea Competition

Vocaldente on Stage at GISW

Learning Center: Game of the Month

FuF - Forensics

News about one of our Alumni

Grades 5 & 7: Informational Event

Steering Committee Meeting on January 23, 2018

Photos: Fourth-Graders work with the Bunsen Burner

February 28, 2018: Informational Event - German International Abitur (DIA)

Ordering School Books for 2018/19


Box Out Bullying

Abitur Exams on Plan B Days

Summer 2018: German Language Summer School

GER Business Award: Etheral Design

Wanted: Old computers

Free German e-books, magazines and audiobooks at the Goethe Institut

Food Tasting: Do you enjoy cooking?

Informational Event for Parents of our Fourth Graders

FRIENDS: Arts & Crafts Group for Adults

February 12, 2018: Carnival at the Preschool

All-Day Meeting of the Steering Committee

February 12, 2018: Carnival at the E.S.

February 2, 2018: SEL Informational Event

Reading to Children

February 2, 2018: Newbees Breakfast

Field Trip to the Maryland Science Center

Brain Bee

January 2018: Language Treasure

Grades SEL through 5: Box Out Bullying

January 25, 2018: Second Extraordinary Membership Meeting

tiptoi books and pens

Independent. Bilingual. Weltoffen. - in the Cafeteria

Tennis-Camp during Christmas Break

Christmas Concert 2017

Invitation: Informational Event about the German International Abitur (DIA)

Last Picture Make-Up Day

2nd Round in the Math-Olympics

Prof. Dr. Losert reports about Brownian molecular movement in the process of diffusion in cells

Taking Pictures at GISW-Events

German Language Treasure - December 2017

Invitation to an informational event regarding the German International Abitur (DIA)

Information about the Christmas Market on December 2nd, 10 am until 5 pm

Food Donations for the Children's Inn at NIH - 2017

“Laterne, Laterne, Sonne, Mond und Sterne”

Ski & Snowboard Trip - February 2018

Christmas Market Volunteers Needed

Second Regional Network Conference of German Schools Abroad

4th Grade: Discovery Theater in Washington D.C.

Lantern Walk in front of the Elementary School

Food Donations for the Children's Inn at NIH

Advent calendars - sold by the FRIENDS

St. Martin’s procession on November 10, 2017

GPS Tracking of School Buses

SMV Gift Drive 2017 – Information

Listening Sessions

5k Oktoberfest Run & Fun Run 2017: RACE RESULTS & MORE

New: Buddy Benches

Join the "Science for Experts" AG!

Pumpkin Fundraiser


11th grade: Car Wash

Special Find on our Campus

Camps during Fall Break

Wanted: Volunteers for the 5k Run

Morning Circle: Importance of early Arrival

Preschool: Solar Eclipse

Report: First Day of School for our First-Graders 2017

Photos: Welcome Night

Invitation: Parent Nights

GISW school bus tracker

2017/18: First Day of School

Welcome Letter by the Head of School to start of the 2017/18 School Year

New Name. New Mission Statement. New Logo.

Grade 5: Introductory Days

Weekly Schedules 2017/18

Extended Care Program 2017/18

Invitation: Welcome Night 2017

Registration to the Afternoon Program 2017/18

IMPORTANT: Health Records

Bicycle Parcour


5k Oktoberfest Run & Fun Run 2017

3D Printers

Photos: Musical of grades 5 - 7 „Kai aus der Kiste“

Preschool: Rainbowfish

Preschool: Farewell - Fred Thommes

Summer Festival 2017

Glimpses into Project Days at the Upper School

Farewell Letter of the Upper School

Preschool: End of School Year Remarks

Farewells in the Elementary School

Memorial Day Parade 2017

4th Grade: Camp Letts

Ceremonial Distribution of Diplomas: DIAP, Abitur, Realschule

3. Klasse: Boat Tour on the Potomac River

Class of 2017: Graduation

Farewell Breakfast for our Fourth Graders

Elementary School Playground

Elementary School Field Day

Elementary School: World Day of the Book

The Great Gatsby

Preschool: Book Flea Market

Parents' Council: Call for Donations

Elementary Schools: Easter Crafts 2017

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Reminder: World Day of the Book at the Elementary School

Annual Giving 2017 - Are you IN?

The Great Gatsby

Friends of the German School - Meeting

Hugo-and-Herta-Müller Scholarship Recipients 2017

Camps during Easter Break

Message from the School Nurse

Election Result

Student Reports about Project Days at the Elementary School

Preschool Library Accepting Book Donations

Elementary School: Easter Arts & Crafts

Computer and Internet Rules

Message from the Election Committee

Project Week at the Elementary School

E.S.: World Day of the Book

Ski and Snowboarding Camp

9th grade: Informational Event

Reminder: Scholarship Application Deadline

Field Trip to the American Visionary Art Museum – Student Essays

Frog Group: Breakfast with Mom

School-Email and Internet Access

Application for the Hugo-and-Herta-Mueller Scholarship

Computer Science Competition

Spelling Bee 2017

Preschool: Book Recommendation

GLC Students receive their German Language Diploma (DSD II)

Fiber Arts Camp

School Book Order for 2017/18

Grades 5 & 7: Informational Event

Nominating Committee

INVITATION: Informational Event - School Entry Level (SEL)

Generous donation by the Friends of the German School

Feburary 10th, 2017: Principals‘ Coffee

Tennis Camp during Winter Break

GLC: Open Position for Teacher

Winter Time is Norovirus Time

Union Market

Older students reading to Preschoolers

Preschool Library

Regional Network Conference in the North American Region

Saint Martin 2016

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Preschool: Thanksgiving 2016

From Hand to Hand 2016

February: Ski & Snowbarding Trip - Register now!

Camp during Christmas Break

Please DO NOT back into parking spots

Volunteers for Christmas Market

Christmas Market: Cake Buffet

Grades 5-12: SMV Gift Drive 2016

First Membership Meeting 2016/17

Elementary School: Halloween Photos

Advent Calendars

Parking Lot Rules

Celebration of Completion of Energy Efficiency Renovation at the DS Washington

Invitation: St. Martin’s Procession

Volunteer at one of the Advent Wreath Crafting Sessions

Parent-Teacher Conferences

SEL through 4th grade: Halloween

Elementary School collecting food donations

Open House

5K Oktoberfest Run & Fun Run 2016

Elementary School: New Lunch Break Schedule

Picture Day - October 7, 2016

IMF & Worldbank Visit

Panda Group: Mini Field Trip & Parent Picnic

Recycling at the DSW

Trip to London (Spring 2017)

Parking Lot Safety Days (October 25 & 26, 2016)

Babysitters & Tutors

Parents’ Council Election

New DSW Video

Invitation: 1st NEWBEES Breakfast @ HOME

Ecumenical Service

SAT & ACT Prep Courses

Elementary School Student Drop-off Policy

5k Oktoberfest Run & Fun Run - Call for Volunteers

Invitation to NEWBEES Breakfast on September 2nd, 2016

Preschool: Speech & Language Screening

Bus Routes and Street Maps

Parent Night Invitation

First Day of School for First-graders 2016

Storm Chaser at the DSW

Let us introduce our Counselor

Afternoon Program at the Elementary School

A warm welcome to our new teachers!

Welcome Letter by the Head of School

1991 Class Reunion

The NEWBEES welcome new families!

Invitation to the First Day of School for First-graders 2016

Visit to the Court - 9th graders and their teachers Dr. Lother and Dr. Heep

Impressions of our First Graders

Elementary School: Results of the Sponsor Run 2016

Celebrating five grade levels of Hugo-und-Herta-Scholarship holders

A Thank-You to volunteers at the preschool library

Field Day at the Elementary School of the DSW

Farewell Breakfast for 4a and 4b

Annual Giving: WeatherBug and library bags are here!

Preschool: End of the Year Letter

Grades 5-12: End of Year Letter

Celebrations at the German School Washington D.C.

Annual Giving 2016: Reception at the German Embassy

9B: Carwash

Elementary School Farewells

Recycling Award for German School Washington D.C.

Teacher-based Rooms

Reading Program: A big Thank-You to the 11th Grade

NEWBEES are looking for Partner-Families!

June 10, 2016: Informational Event for our Future Third Graders

"The Very Hungy Caterpillar"

Film Project - Part 1

DSW at the EU Open House 2016

Friends of the German School - Opportunity to join the Board of the Friends

May 26, 2016: Informational event for future first graders

DSW Wins Competition of German Schools Abroad

May 27, 2016: Art Show of grades 5 through 12

Farewell breakfast for our fourth graders

Required Vaccinations for 2016/17

Pizza-Lunch with the Head of School

Grade 4: Congress of Scientists

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Annual Giving - we did it!

May 12, 2016: Spring Concert by the DSW & DISNY

Annual Giving Campaign - Week 4

DSW students at the Austrian Embassy

SES visits Heidelberg Bakery

Field Trip to the Seneca Schoolhouse

Annual Giving Campaign - Week 3

Hugo-and-Herta-Müller Scholarship Recipients 2016

DSW Spirit Wear

Annual Giving Campaign - Week 2

Elementary School: World Day of the Book, April 2016

DSW is official partner of the USA Science & Engineering Festival 2016

And the winners are...

Correction: Parent Café, Friday, April 8, 2016 at 8:00 am

GLC Flea Market 2016

Are you IN?

Reading Competition

Easter Egg Hunt at the Preschool - Photos

Friends - Membership Meeting

Healthy nutrition at the Preschool

Elementary School: World Day of the Book

Art Show at the School Entry Level

Reminder: Hugo-and-Herta-Mueller Scholarship

Easter Egg Hunt at the Preschool

Elementary School: Easter Arts and Crafts Morning

2nd Grade Field Trip to National Postal Museum

Camps during Easter Break


Hugo-and-Herta-Mueller Scholarship

Spelling Bee 2016

GER-Business Award 2016

Studying in Germany

A present by the 2015 graduates to the 2016 graduating class

Our Fieldtrip to the Aquarium

Carnival / Fasching

Please participate in the DSW survey 2016!

GER Business Award 2016 - Invitation

DSW presents at the Washington Jewish Film Festival

Social Skills Training at the German School

Schoolbooks for School Year 2016/17


Weekly Schedules for the 2nd Semester

Membership Meeting on Thursday, January 29, 2016

Energy Sufficiency Project at the DSW (EnSan)

Informational Event for Grade 10

Carneval 2016

Updated Bus Schedule

Parent Café - We Miss You!

Informational Events for current Grades 5 and 7

Informational Event for ninth-graders on January 14, 2016

Invitation to Town Hall Meeting on January 19, 2015

Workshop with World Champion in Ballroom Dance from Germany

DSW Survey 2016

Field trip of homerooms 7a and 7b

Saint Martin

Christmas Crafts at the Preschool

Field Trip to the White House on December 10, 2015

Lost-and-found items in the Elementary School to be donated

St. Nicholas visits the Panda Group

From Hand to Hand

German Christmas Market 2015

German Heritage Night

Preschool Principal: End of the Year Letter

Urgent Request by our Head of School

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Preschool

Photos: Crafting Advent Wreaths 2015

Note from Rochambeau - The French International School

First Prize for Sabina M.

Visiting the Holocaust Museum

SMV Gift Drive 2015 Information

Sign up for parent-teacher conferences

Christmas Concert Invitation

In Silent Sorrow

Awesome – we programmed a robot!

Collection for Children’s Inn at the NIH

New Activities in the SEL Afternoon Program

Buy your Advent Calendars directly at the School!

November 13, 2015: St. Martin’s Procession

New Books by Swiss Authors

Martin Behnke at the German School Washington

Arrival Time at the Elementary School

Open House

Puppet Show at the Preschool

New Bean Bag Chairs in the Library of Grades 5-12

Fall at the Preschool

Winter Season Teams

A Thank-You to all Host Families

Oktoberfest Reston - Thank you, volunteers!

News from the Cooking Class: Japanese Kitchen and Culture at the German School

Maryland State Department of Education

NaWi lesson on October 1, 2015

Do You Have A Guest Bed?

New School Bus

5k Oktoberfest Run & Fun Run 2015

Results of the Student Council’s Election for School Year 2015/16

Happy Birthday, Frau Palenzatis!

Expecting High Traffic Volume

Information regarding School Buses

Calling In Sick

First Day For Our First-Graders 2015 (Photos)

Preschool: Important Information

DSW Orchestra Urgently Looking for Strings

Are you receiving the Wednesday Mail?

Invitation to Parent Nights

Speaker Series at our Parent Café

Dance Classes at the German School

Looking for Host Families for Choir from Germany

Membership Forms

Welcome to the Preschool

Required Vaccinations

First Days for 5a and 5b

Invitation to the First Day of School for First-graders 2015

Thank you to former chair of the Friends of the German School, Nina Schulz

Picture of the "Abistreich" 2015

Photos of the Last Day of School by Students Mario D. and Jonathan H.

June 24, 2015: Soccer Game (students vs. adults)

Extended Care for 2-year-olds & New English Enrichment Program

June 24, 2015: Farewell for Head of School, Waldemar Gries, OStD

June 23, 2015: Summer Festival

June 19, 2015: Abitur Ball

June 18, 2015: Abitur Certificates

June 17, 2015: High School Graduation

June 16, 2015: Sports Day

Filed Trip to the Montgomery County Recycling Center

Spirit Week Photos

Art Exhibit in Elementary School

Letter by the Principal of the Elementary School


Letter by the Principal of the Preschool

Annual Cookout

Thanks to the Preschool library volunteers

Poetic Reflections Upon a Visit to the National Zoo

Collecting English textbooks

Grades 1 through 4: Spirit Week

Picnic in the two-year-old groups

Report: GER Business Award

Preschool Library

Athlete Appreciation Day

Farewell Party at the Preschool

Parking Lot Safety Week

Report: Field Day at the Elementary School

Firetruck visits Preschool

GER Business Award 2015

Elementary School: Impressions of the World Day of the Book

Summer Breakfast and Book Flea Market at the Preschool

Photos of the Preschool Frog Group

DSW at EU Open House

Sign up to pick up your school books

Field Day at the Elementary School

School Entry Level Photos

First Children's Movie Week at DSW

Staff and Faculty Appreciation Lunch

Filmfest at the German School Washington

Reading Hour

Reminder: World Day of the Book & Book Fair at the Elementary School

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Hugo and Herta Müller scholarship recipients 2015

What a circus!

Earth Day 2015: Elementary School plants a tree

Cherry Blossoms at the Elementary School

April 14 – 17, 2015: Film Fest at the German School Washington D.C.

Invitation to the second membership meeting

Sixth graders help prepare lunches

June 4, 2015: The Emperor's New Clothes

May 6 & 7, 2015: "Forced Marriage"

Preschool library collects books, CDs, DVDs

Elementary School: World Day of the Book & Book Fair

SEL Afternoon Program: D'EGG - orating Party

Preschool: March-Review of the ladybug group

Elementary School: Math Competition "Känguru"

The Friends are looking for...

The Model UN Experience

Art exhibit at the School Entry Level

Camp during Easter Break

College Fairs

Music at the Preschool Panda Group

Photos of the Preschool Panda Group

German a capella group Vocaldente visits DSW

Preschool Donation

Panda Group visits the Business Office

March 12, 2015: Don’t feel like school? What to do when your child lacks motivation.

Grade 4: Hugo-and-Herta-Mueller Scholarships

Photos: Puppet Show at the Preschool

Architect visits School Entry Level

February 24, 2015: Book Reading at Upper School

Elementary School: New Regulation regarding Lost & Found

Elementary School report on the Spelling Bee

DSW Spelling Bee 2015

Preschool Afternoon Program and Extended Care report

Student reports by fourth-graders

DSW Orchestra Urgently Looking for Strings

March 13, 2015: Open House at the Preschool and School Entry Level

Preschool: Valentine's Day and Carnival

The Elementary School of the DSW celebrates “Fasching” (Carnival)

"Unglaublich" (Unbelievable)

In Memoriam for Renate Mielenz

Schoolbook Orders until February 22, 2015

Camp during Winter Break (February 17-20, 2015)

Informational Session regarding the School Entry Level (SEL)

New Conference Room

Cafeteria Menu

Mad Science® at the Preschool

German Language Instructors at the GLC

DSW Community raises record-breaking $13,625!

Photos of the last day of school before Christmas Break

Information from the School Nurse

DSW Christmas Concert on December 9, 2014

Christmas Art & Crafts at the Preschool

Christmas Art & Crafts at the Elementary School

Elementary School celebrates Advent

St. Nick visits School Entry Level

Special Thanks to St. Nick

Children's Inn

Photos: St. Nick visits the Preschool

Invitation to Christmas Art & Crafts at the Elementary School

United Nations World Food Programme

Alumna Valerie Huber: Miss Earth 2014

Report: St. Martin’s procession

German School visits American High School

Photos of the lantern walk

Photos of advent wreath binding Friends volunteers

Fall Open House at DSW

Parent-teacher conferences on 11/18/2014

Halloween at the Preschool

Zumba at the Preschool

School Nurse: Important Information

Federation-and-States-Inspection (BLI)

Halloween and Lantern Crafting at the Preschool


November 7, 2014: Open House

5k Oktoberfest Run & Fun Run

Indoor Slipper Policy

News from the Health Room

Breakfast at the Preschool

Invitation to the 1st Membership Meeting of the Friends

Camp during Fall Break (October 20-24, 2014)

Invitation to two SEBR-Meetings

Preschool: Beginning of the school year

FROG Event in the Elementary School

Respiratory Illnesses

Federation-and–States Inspection (BLI)

Report from the Frog Group

EnSan - First Milestones Are Met

Welcome first-graders!

Back-to-School Night 2014

Do you play an instrument?

Elementary School Welcome Letter

Invitation to Parent Nights

News from the Bus Department

Main building under construction

DSW Alumni in the Sports Headlines

Concert by Regensburg Cathedral Choir

Register for the afternoon program

Energy Efficiency renovations proceed

Invitation to the First Day of School for First-graders

GER Business Award 2014

Say "Auf Wiedersehen" to the old DSW main building – project “EnSan” is underway!

Wanted: Partner Families

"Slam Poet" Bas Boettcher at the German School

Energy-Efficiency Renovation at the German School

Art Exhibit at the Elementary School

Sunshine Party

Thank you from the Outreach & Development Department!

In Memoriam: Kurt Bluemel

Preschool: End of the school year

Hints from the Guidance Counselor

June 19, 2014: Sports Day for grades 5-12

Carnival of the Animals – A Play of the School Entry Level

Yearbooks 2013/14

June 24, 2014: Summer Festival

Hugo and Herta Müller scholarship recipients 2014

Letter by Interim Manager

June 13, 2014: Information Session for future 3rd grade parents

Reading Program at the Preschool

Music lesson at the Preschool

Picnic of our two-year-olds

The Path to a New Board of Directors

German School at EU Open House

May 15, 2014: Election Committee at the Parent Café

World Day of the Book at the Elementary School

Election Committee for the Board Elections 2014

Author visits German School

May 21, 2014: Elementary School Sports Day

T-Shirts for our student choir thanks to pizza fundraiser

Appointments for pick-up service of ordered school books

EU Language Fair

May 16, 2014: Sports Day for Grades 5-12

Extraordinary Membership Meeting

Informational Night for future First-grade Parents

Holocaust survivor and author Margot Friedlander visits German School

The Canterville Ghost

Girls and Boys Day

Theater Group presents "Top Dog"

Candidates for the Board of Directors

Informational Evening - School Entry Level 2014/15

The Parent Café – every Thursday

5k Oktoberfest Run Website

Elementary School: World Day of the Book

For Love of Words: The 2014 Spelling Bee

One-Hundred and Fifty Euros for the Class Treasury

The Friends invite

Easter Break ends two days early

Election Committee for the Board Elections 2014

Silpada Jewelry Fundraiser

Invitation to the Audit Report on April 1, 2014

Concert by Regensburg Cathedral Choir

3B celebrates a pizza party!

NAIMUN LI – An Experience

Preschool: World Day of the Book

4/11/2014: Easter Arts and Crafts Morning at the Elementary School

Invitation to the second Membership Meeting

New Immunization Requirements for 2014/15

April 10, 2014: Parent-teacher conferences

Financial Aid

Enrollment for school year 2014/15

Hugo-and-Herta-Mueller Scholarship

College Fair

Harlem Globetrotter visits German School Washington D.C.

Camp during Easter Break (April 14 -25, 2014)

German School Washington on TV in Germany

Preschool and SES Open House

Artists Weeks at the School Entry Level

The Serrano Family

In Memoriam: Rebacca Austin

A Trip to Ford's Theatre

March 7, 2014: Open House at the Preschool and School Entry Level


DSW is official partner of the USA Science & Engineering Festival

Thank you for coming to our pizza fundraiser!

Afternoons at the Preschool

Sledding at the Elementary School

Host families wanted

Your School Books 2014/15

U.S. Diplomats Pay Special Visit To German School

A lucky charm on four legs for our Class of 2014

Place an ad in our Yearbook

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