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Elementary School: Project Week

Our project week was a great success! Thank you to all the teachers and also parents who supported us in creating an experience that was “Independent. Bilingual. Weltoffen."


The students learned about a variety of topics of Iran and how people live in this country. Mrs. Rafijah taught the students a typical Iranian game with rocks from her childhood. The students loved a simple recipe to make Persian chicken with ginger and orange juice.



On our trip to Spain we learned important dates, facts, and culture highlights pertaining to Spain. We made some crafts: Don Quijote’s windmills, castanets, flamenco flowers, bookmarks, and pictures inspired by Miro. We learned our first flamenco dance moves and much more. Our trip finished with making our own tapas and sangria.


In France we created a French atmosphere for the kids. They greeted each other in French, sang French songs, made croissants with much excitement, and consumed the croissants with even more enthusiasm. They painted the Eiffel tower, pompons were created with France’s colors and many questions about France were answered. The kids were industrious and merry - our trip to France was a very special visit!



In Kenya we went on an adventure following along a story about a German boy who winds up in Kenya through a magical book. We made our own drums, created animal landscapes, and created jewelry. We all had so much fun! Hakuna Matata!



In Russia we learned to sing Moscow Nights in Russian and wrote Russian letters on a handkerchief. We danced the Kalinka dance and colored both the Russian flag and St. Basil’s catherdral. We also listened to 'Peter and the Wolf' and took a flight with google flight to look up close at St. Basil’s. Lastly, we created our own nesting dolls “Matrioshkas”!


Our trip to Mexico included maracas, masks, and piñatas. They were a big hit!


With students visited old Egypt with much joy and engagement. They learned to write their names in hieroglyphics, played the old game Senet, crafted head and neck jewelry, and pyramids and  sarcophagi. They also learned about the pharaos and life on the Nile river.


We did a lot of crafts in Morocco: rugs with cats, pearl bracelets and necklaces, Fez hats, a herd of elephants made out of clay... We also painted some shadow pictures, and we cooked. The peppermint tea was absolutely delicious. 



In Peru our students learned how to weave a rug, recreate Machu Picchu with wooden blocks, trace Nazcalinien in the sand and much, much more. Of course we also tried some delicious peruvian Chicha Morada, popcorn, and pudding!



In the Netherlands we learned about the Dutch canals, language, windmills, art, culture, and food. We made our own windmills and tulips and also recreated Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” using paintbrushes and forks! Lastly, we made and enjoyed “poffertjes”.


South Korea

In South Korea the children familiarized themselves with the Korean language, cuisine, and traditional attire. We practiced Korean dances and made temples out of clay and legos. It was also interesting to meet Pororo throughout his travels to Korea. We practiced Korean writing and played some traditional Korean games.


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