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Lost and Found

Lost items such as clothes etc. are deposited in lost and found boxes.

Kindergarten: Lost and found objects are kept in three white boxes in front of the office of the head of Kindergarten.

Elementary School: The lost and found box is located in the lower level across from the staircase.

Main Building (secondary school): The big school’s Lost and Found is located beside the glass door at the end of the hall that leads from the main entrance to the gym area.

Gym/Pool Area: Lost and found clothes and objects are deposited in the main building’s lost and found.

Bus: Lost and found objects and clothes from the buses are put into the main buildings Lost and Found.

Valuables: Valuable articles (glasses, braces, purses...) can be retrieved at the main office.

Please mark all articles of clothing, lunchboxes, gym and swim gear with your child’s name to ensure that they will not end up in our lost and found boxes, but will go straight back to you in case they are lost.


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